Beam Shape Solution for Five Span Bridge

Minnesota Department of Transportation

The Minnesota Department of Transportation needed a pioneering solution for a five span bridge crossing the Mississippi river in Hastings, MN. Cretex tackled the project in conjunction with Lunda/Ames Construction.

Cretex was tasked with crafting a beam shape solution that would work for this project and projects down the road. To this end, Cretex created a beam shape solution that had never been used in the United States.

Cretex provided 45 pre-stressed beams based on existing Minnesota Department of Transportation designs. The typical span was 174 feet, with eight-foot-deep girders. Additionally, the project required new bridge sideform, and Cretex provided project-specific transportation to haul the enormous product.

The project is ongoing, but both MnDOT and Lunda/Ames are pleased with the progress and the innovation going into the project.