ReCon Retaining Wall System – Billings, MT

Montana Department of Transportation and Morrison-Maierle

The Montana Department of Transportation was planning to widen the street and improve access to the Metra Events Center in Billings. Partnering with Riverside Sand and Gravel, Cretex Concrete Products presented a joint value engineering proposal to the MDT for a ReCon gravity retaining wall.

The retaining wall was a departure from the project specifications, which called for a cast-in-place retaining wall. Cretex felt the ReCon gravity wall was better suited to the project, which required five walls with 13,150 square feet of total wall area. Cretex also supplied a 14x8 precast concrete box culvert for a pedestrian tunnel in conjunction with the project.

All told, the Billings plants produced 2,500 pieces of ReCon for the project in 14 weeks to meet the contractor’s schedule. The City of Billings, Yellowstone County and the Montana Department of Transportation were notably pleased with the quality and timeliness of the work.