Prestressed Concrete Piling

Concrete Piling used as foundation in Yankton, SD bridge construction

Prestressed Concrete Piling

Project Name:  Beaver Lake Spillway and Bridge

Owner:  Yankton County Highway Department, Yankton, SD

Engineer:  Johnson Engineering, Yankton, SD

Contractor:  Grangaard Construction Company, Watertown, SD

Project consisted of constructing a spillway structure for Beaver Lake Dam with a cast in place slab-bridge over the spillway.   The site of the dam showed great depth of poor soils required for piling to achieve sufficient bearing to support the dead load of the spillway structure and bridge plus the live load on the bridge structure spanning the spillway.  End bearing type pile depth requirements became an obvious economic concern.

With the benefits of friction and end bearing characteristics of prestressed concrete piling, the decision was made to look at this pile.  Design data utilizing a 14”x14” precast concrete pile for the site soil conditions, the determination was made that 48 ft. concrete piling would be sufficient for the structure design.  To verify the design, 60 ft. test piles were specified to be driven to confirm the required bearings required.  After the test piles were driven, 40 ft. long production piles were ordered to meet the project requirements.  Cutoffs of 1 ft. to 4 ft. in the production piles were the end results after driving to achieve the required project design.